St Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church
Hamilton, New Zealand



Fr. Anu (Vicar)

"Let your light shine"

Matthew 5 : 16 in the bible reads as our Lord says "...
let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven." This proves a great challenge to the Christian believers that our deeds be that of which would be praised by others to bear witness as children of God. The only purpose of a spiritual life is to glorify God. Wherever the children of God come together becomes a place and time for worship. It brings great pleasure when the Indian Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church's members join in worship afar here at Hamilton in New Zealand. The congregation bears the name of its patron St. Gregorios of Malankara, India. He was a Pillar of light through his life and after. The holy father in his eternal abode is a great suppliant and a shore of solace for those seeking his prayers. The St. Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church (SGIOC), Hamilton, bears good witness rendering its charities both to the community and the society in true worship and true service. Thus it enhances spiritual nurturing, togetherness and a helping hand, enabling its light to shine. It is indeed an occasion of joy to join here in the Heavenly Father's service.

Fr. Anu Mathew



Mr. Boby Philipose


Mrs. Rinta Varghese

Committee Members

  • Mr. Alexander P Varghese
  • Mr. Deepak Joseph
  • Mr. Rajan Varghese

Sunday School Head Master

Mrs. Tinu Kurien

Prayer Group Secretary

Mr. Bibin Eappen Jacob